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Unlock the Power of Real Estate Reporting Software

Discover the potential of our real estate reporting software for funds, developers, consultants, and owners.

Effortlessly assess opportunities, mitigate risks, and monitor costs and milestones in real time with our cutting-edge real estate reporting software.

How reporting & dashboard software can transform your business?

fu3e's hierarchical dashboards offer a scalable structure at both portfolio and project levels. Each dashboard layer boosts efficiency and control, enabling real-time reporting, simplifying real estate project management and automating your reporting process. Stay ahead of your competitors with a comprehensive overview and effortless risk management, empowering your business to thrive. 

Configurable live dashboards

We build configurable live dashboards for your diverse business scenarios that allow you to do effortless detail exploration when reporting. Benefit from automated monthly management overviews and a choice of 50+ widgets for real-time data and historical snapshots. Streamline reporting with a convenient PDF export feature.  

Hierarchical dashboards

Portfolio dashboards

View portfolio dashboards and overview real-time data of all your projects.

Export and report on all your group projects faster.

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Review before you act.

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Automate your reporting

Speed up efficiency of your team and company by automating reporting processes. 

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Enhance real-time data

Optimise your projects, manage risks and take immediate actions with real-time data overview.

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Visualise your data

Maintain visibility and make your decision-making process faster by reporting.

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Control your ROI

Forecast your financials and have control over budget for your each project.

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Exercise due diligence

Reduce and mitigate financial uncertainties through one platform. Keep your projects consistent.

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Measure business risks

Evaluate opportunities by monitoring your business performance and foreseen potential obstacles.

Harrison Street 

"fu3e., the leading-edge technology platform, is a game-changer. It gave us the immediate transparency we needed to make informed, rapid and accurate decisions."

Paul Bashir 
Managing Director and CEO Europe, HSRE

by leading businesses of all sizes
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