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it's what we do!

Core features
that matter.  

Functionality is built into fu3e. and has a corresponding benefit or set of benefits for our users.

It's what we do!
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  • Customisable dashboards for any business scenario

  • Bring all your work together in a series of dashboards, one click and drill down in to the detail

  • Automated monthly management view

  • Select any of the 50+ widget variations which instantly provide data for any activities or information you want to gather, display, or understand! 

  • View all information in real-time, and review past information from historic snapshots

  • Filter data for layered views

  • Visual maps display portfolios and performance

  • Simple export function to PDF for reporting

Dynamic forms.

  • Create consistent and custom fit processes so that your team can focus on what matters

  • Dependencies establish a clear order of automation

  • Attach files to form tickets and link multiple form types together for great reporting consolidation

  • Clone feature to save time to create a new form ticket

  • Import via CSV to create or update form tickets

  • Batch actions include fields updates and status automatically

  • Add comments, make edits, and share with your team

  • Export function across multiple formats ie. (PDF, CSV, XLS)

  • Easily bulk import files directly,  and automate seamlessly to create new form tickets and link to 3rd party software via API

  • Aggregation of data viewed in simple customisable lists

  • Add alarms to receive updates on progress and activity

  • Guidance notes for each form type for QA compliance

Advanced file storage. 

  • Simple and easy to import and manage files with multiple tag and drop function

  • No folders, easy to find with customisable tags

  • Version control and archiving securely online

  • View all files in customisable lists, with extensive search and filters

  • Export or download function, and shareable with users, teams or via form tickets

Workflows & tasks.

  • Automatically create reporting tasks, assign work, and your team have reminders when actions need completing

  • Task assignees makes it easy to understand who is responsible for what at any given time

  • Notifications automatically via email and in-app

  • Role permissions means you control who can see what

  • Quick access assignment to users and teams

Integrations & security.

  • Custom API integrations

  • Useful features

    • Live camera streams

    • Embedded iframes for power BI, salesforce, microsoft calendar and many more

  • Custom quick links to re-direct you to all your existing business tools

  • Create a custom import to bring work in from excel

  • Access management with custom access levels

  • Multi-factor authentication

  • Extensive audit logs and activity tracking

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