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Integrate with  Excel  and 1000's of APIs.

For faster and more accurate reporting.
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Customise your experience with fu3e.integrations APIs, utilising embedded iframes for Power BI, Salesforce, Microsoft Calendar, and many more, along with custom quick links to redirect you to all your existing business tools, all accessible from anywhere on the fu3e.platform, and create custom imports to bring data from Excel.

  • Connect your workbooks: Seamlessly integrate your schedules, financial models and cashflows with fu3e.


  • Track Changes: Monitor and track the changes made, through the fu3e  workflow engine and audit log

  • Automate Task Creation: Automatically create and update fu3e tasks when specific conditions are met in an Excel spreadsheet​​

  • Synchronise Complex Excel Work: Manage your intricate Excel workbooks and update fu3e with essential metrics and task 

Bid farewell to tedious, time-consuming tasks and embrace a new era of efficiency in real estate management with fu3e.

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Key Features of fu3e. Integration with Excel.


Our customers, stories of digital resilience.

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