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3 Tips to Monitor your ESG Strategy.

Through ESG reporting, companies monitor and disclose information on their environmental, social, and governance (ESG) performance. Investment choices are influenced by a company's ESG effect. Regulators, prospective workers, and customers research a company before deciding to work there or buy from it in order to see if it upholds the values it claims.

In order to be on track and maximise your ESG performance, we have listed three top tips below for you.

Environmental, Social, and Governance.

Automate your Data Governance

Data management and ensuring its consistency seem complex. Especially, when data quantity increases, inconsistent and inaccurate data are more likely be risky for businesses.

But how would you minimise risks and store accurate data records? By automating your data quality checks with an adaptive management reporting software. Tracking your ESG data in real time and automatic records of your up-to-date metrics within a software will help you to manage all your data accurately, which also reduces risks for your reputational loss. With fu3e., you can keep track of your ESG data in real time and quickly automate your reporting.

Automate your Approval Workflows

To keep accurate data on track for your competitive advantage and reputation management, stored data may need to be validated by an authority. Without automating your approval workflow, manual validations tend to increase risks for your businesses. On the other hand, a software enables you to avoid from potential human errors and automate approval workflows. fu3e. gives an opportunity of staying one step ahead of your competitors by eliminating errors and automatising your approval workflows.

Map out your Key Metrics

As part of ESG reporting, you need to determine, which key metrics are most relevant for each of the stakeholders. Therefore, mapping out your key metrics and classifying them accordingly would enable you to give relevant insights to the stakeholders. But how would you easily classify and import those metrics? By the help of fu3e., you can choose specific metrics, create customised dashboards, and share them with the stakeholders according to their needs.


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