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Digital Resilience.

One of the examples given by the Cambridge Dictionary for the word ‘resilience’ is, ‘the quality of being able to return quickly to a previous good condition after problems.’

Digital Resilience.

Post pandemic the noun has fast become a business buzz word, appearing in the titles of papers, webinars and the themes of conventions across industry and continents.

The theme of forthcoming Great Canadian Data Centre Symposium ‘The quest for resilient and sustainable digital infrastructure’ for example and the Recent Cyber Rescue Alliance report entitled exactly, #digitalresilience, to name just a few.

No wonder at the forefront of much discussion, after a period of such business disruption, digital resilience is the ability to ‘return to quickly’, as the dictionary purports, but by looking forwards. For such resilience, technology is a key driver for success and new software capabilities allow for business to be proactive as opposed to reactive.

Now, more than ever, data management plays a critical role in business life. It improves the capacity to tolerate and respond to external shock factors whilst maintaining competitive advantage within your sphere.

Arcadis Gen, a leading digital products and solutions IT consultancy highlighted recently that for asset-intensive organisations, ‘the health of physical assets is critical for the health of the business.’ Knowing the true state of those assets, how they are performing currently and the ability to predict how they will perform in the near future, is the first step to a resilient business strategy, they state.

CEO, Rachel White explained “Every organisation is operating in an environment that is becoming more complex by the day. It is no longer sustainable to rely on spreadsheets for managing your organisation’s future actions or asset needs. To be truly resilient requires evidence-based real time decisions. To get these answers, you must leverage the power of data.”

Making change predictable through data was also the key take away from their recent Webinar, ‘Dealing in Data’.

To build true resilience across your organization, it was discussed that an overarching line of oversight is key and from a single source. A comprehensive data set thus avoids fragmentation by disconnected decision making, asserted the Consultancy.

Gavin Gleave, Founder and CEO of fu3e. created such technology, utilising 40 years in the real estate industry, to umbrella existing software using real time metrics and protect business from disruption.

Development projects can be incredibly complex with critical data siloed across locations. We created fu3e. to bring that information together to create a single source of truth. By making data more accessible, more visible, more dynamic, you are unlocking its value.

Not surprisingly, the Arcadis Gen Tech Chief also maintains that technology is a key driver to address. White explained that it can bring an organization together, identify and resolve data discrepancies, and transform data management facilitating evidence based, real time decisions.

The company, who has worked across several sectors including utilities and transport, assert that successful asset management increasingly depends on successful data management. “This is why it is so important for organisations to lay the foundations for effective data management as early as possible to improve resilience.”

The interesting and informative Dealing in Data Webinar by Arcadis Gen can be viewed here:

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