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4 Key Takeaways from BISNOW: Women Leading Real Estate

Bisnow 2022 Women Leading Real Estate event brought together the top female executives from across the sector, giving their expertise on the current market, sharing career advice, discussing innovative strategies to overcome challenges and how to lead by example. As fu3e., we have compiled key market trends and takeaways from the event. The key learnings

  • The adoption of technology and data gathering play a crucial role in the real estate industry.

  • Market leaders see trends forming in the industry.

  • CRE's role in ensuring people from all backgrounds succeed in the workplace by driving social mobility and socio-economic diversity.

  • Work environments that enable all talent to achieve their full potential.

  • Volatile market conditions may change hiring and retention strategies and managing your career when the market is difficult.

Adopt in Technology

The real estate industry is relatively slow in the adoption of technology. However, the real estate industry is one of the industries which continues to innovate. Companies should focus on adopting the digital world and running technology. Technology also gives an opportunity of gathering data and optimise strategies accordingly. Such shifting enables companies to improve the workforce, designs and measure where they are by collecting data with adaptive software solutions. The holistic metrics need to be looked at after data collection. An ideal data collection and tracking system, especially for ESG, is vital to the employee experience.


ESG is another hot topic in the real estate industry. Strategies that have a strong ESG angle will be those that outperform over time. ESG provides more thinking on generating new transportation methods, using new materials, and designing new paths of generating energy and electricity to contribute to sustainability as real estate industry members. The social value of ESG is another way of making a social impact which should be considered in how we can process it and what we can do to create a social impact.

Working Environment

The industry should have improved the process of getting diverse background opinions. To improve it, we must rethink how we bring those people together to develop the best solutions. Thinking of ESG, we can bring engineers, biologists and environmentalism into the conversation. Besides diversifying employees, there is an increasing amount of flexible working post-pandemic, which tends to create high-performance trust and collaboration. On the other hand, flexible working has challenges like creating a more attractive workspace where people want to come to attract and retain talents.

Changing Interior Design of Buildings

The pandemic forced the real estate industry to change the structure of buildings. People see value in community elements and the additional amenities within the buildings, which have started to be delivered with innovative solutions such as increasing spaces and designing meeting rooms to be used during office hours. Similarly, maximising the assets and providing more opportunities for people are huge opportunities. Such innovations in real estate bring collaborations with all stakeholders to improve the facilities of residential areas.

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