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fu3e. tackles workplace stress

As Stress Awareness Month comes to an end there has been much advice offered to both employee on managing and reducing stress and employers on how to support their employees’ general wellbeing.

Stress awareness month.

Even the most resilient of people have felt less so due to the ever-changing circumstances of the last two pandemic years, making stress more common and presenting in a multitude of ways.

Whilst there are legal rights that protect one’s mental health at work from basic right to freedom of expression to health and safety legislation keeping a worker safe from hazard, including psychological hazards. Previously it was common for employers to simply concern themselves with the health in a working capacity of those in their employ.

However, with many employers now offering flexibility, strategies and options that will aid employees’ mental health and wellness, benefitting not just the individual but ultimately the impact upon their ability to work productively within the workplace. It has been suggested that promoting mental health in the workplace creates resilient employees that can deal with reasonable adversity, disruption, and stress. Therefore, creating work environments that help sustain good mental health and wellbeing is simply good business.

At fu3e. HQ some of the team proffered some useful strategies they employ. For example, since the return to work, one fu3e. employee takes a daily walk during lunch, which they never did prior to lockdown. This habitual head space offers an opportunity to process thoughts in fresh air and gives clarity.

Another said they had continued their pre-work exercise that they’d initiated during lockdown to start the day invigorated by positive endorphins.

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