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Fuelling Build to Rent Excellence.

With the UK Build to Rent (BTR) sector on track to potentially surpass a projected 300,000 homes by 2023, the industry is undoubtedly experiencing remarkable growth, as highlighted in the recent Savills BTR report.

Savills’ report states that half-year investment volumes for the sector now stand at £2.1bn, and whilst lower than the same time in 2022, it is higher than all preceding years.

Approximately 82,500 BTR homes have already been completed, with an additional 49,500 homes currently under construction and a further 119,300 homes in various pipeline stages, including pre-application, which culminates to an estimated 251,200 homes in various stages of development.

Polly Simpson, Savills Head of Multifamily Development in the Operational Capital Markets Division, iterates, “As the demand for housing continues to outpace supply in the rental market, attention is now focused on Build to Rent to bridge the gap, and the sector is taking an increasing share of new housing delivery.”

fu3e, equivalently experiencing its own rapid growth within the real estate software domain, is empowering BTR developers and equipping this swiftly expanding market with a number of solutions that include…

Streamline Project Management: With even greater need during rapid development, fu3e software facilitates seamless project management, enabling BTR developers to monitor and manage projects at every stage, offering both a simple overview or the option to drill down into the detail. This allows them to accelerate operations and drive efficiency, ensuring timely completion of projects.

Risk Management: With growth comes risk.

fu3e provides automated reg flag reporting allowing for the assessment and mitigation of risks associated with construction, finances, and external market forces offering improved protection to the business.

Enhanced Collaboration: Collaboration is essential for stakeholders within in the BTR sector, with often complex multi-party approvals required. The permission-based fu3e platform engenders effective communication between developers, contractors, architects, and property managers alike, thus minimising delays, expediting approvals, and enhancing transparency.

Insights-Driven Decision-Making: fu3e provides real-time data-driven insights with the ability to analyse historical data, market trends, and current project performance to empower BTR developers to make informed, rapid and accurate decisions.


The Savills report figures suggest the underlying fundamentals of the BTR sector remain strong and continue to attract investment.  fu3e, stands ready to empower, ensuring optimum management and efficiency throughout this expected expansion. To find out more about how fu3e is helping our customers, you can read some case studies or speak to one of our fu3e team members.

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