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How Can Historic Dashboard Snapshots Improve Your ROI?

Updated: Jul 4

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As a fund manager, you know that every decision you make has a direct impact on your return on investment (ROI). Access to comprehensive historical data can significantly enhance the quality of these decisions. We’re excited to introduce Historic Dashboard Snapshots in Group Dashboards using fu3e, a feature designed to help you refine your strategic choices and achieve better financial outcomes. 

Using Historical Data to Improve ROI

Historical data is more than just a series of numbers; it's a critical tool for identifying trends and making informed decisions. According to a report by PwC, effectively leveraging historical data can lead to improved financial outcomes and strategic insights. With fu3e’s new Historic Dashboard Snapshots feature, you can visualise past performance, gather valuable insights, and make forecasts in seconds that enable you to manage assets more effectively and improve your ROI. 

How to Use Group Dashboard Snapshots 

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Using historical snapshots is straightforward. Open your group dashboard, hover by the export button to check the last update time and click the arrow to open the Quick Snapshot box. Select any day from the calendar or jump back to a specific period, such as a month ago or last quarter. The dashboard snapshots promote comparisons of past and present to make informed decisions that can enhance your ROI. 

Managing Hundreds of Assets Efficiently

For funds managing assets across various regions, this feature is indispensable. fu3e allows you to group projects into regional branches, simplifying the process for regional managers to generate reports and track performance. This segmentation provides clear insights into each region's performance, helping you develop targeted strategies that improve efficiency and ROI. According to a report by Deloitte, companies that adopt data-driven approaches can significantly streamline operations and enhance productivity. 

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Custom Grouping for Targeted Insights 

fu3e also lets you group projects by various criteria such as regions, funds, joint venture partners, business units, departments, and workstreams. This flexibility enables you to focus on specific areas and make comparisons that drive better financial performance and higher ROI. The ability to harness and analyse diverse data sources is crucial for developing comprehensive insights and strategies, as noted by Forbes

Benefits for Strategic Decision-Making 

Exporting past dashboards allows you to compare performance over time and simplifies the creation of monthly and quarterly reports. This feature helps managers identify successful strategies and areas for improvement, leading to more strategic decisions that enhance overall fund performance and ROI. As highlighted by Gartner, embedding data and analytics into decision-making processes can transform organisational performance and create substantial value. 


Historic Dashboard Snapshots in Group Dashboards is more than a feature; it’s a strategic asset for fund managers aiming to improve ROI. By providing a comprehensive view of past performance, it helps you make smarter decisions that improve financial outcomes. Start using this feature today to fully leverage your data and achieve higher ROI. 

If you have access to group dashboard snapshots, start exploring this feature now to enhance your ROI. For more information or assistance, contact fu3e. Share your experiences and feedback to help us continue enhancing this valuable feature. Let’s work together to achieve exceptional financial performance. 

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