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Real-Time Risk Management During The Holidays By Gavin Gleave, CEO of fu3e.

Holidays provide welcome reprieves from the stress that comes with everyday work within the property industry, and anything that disrupts these breaks seems like a tremendous disappointment as there is typically no other opportunity for an entire year. Whilst away, it is essential for senior leaders to manage risk effectively, especially for businesses that are constantly juggling multiple projects. This results in businesses being placed under high pressure to remain organised and efficient.

Furthermore, these problems are exacerbated when project managers are away from work for long periods of time on their holidays. Despite the importance of a work-life balance, just 57% of business owners take leave during the year. Even when they appear to be on holiday they never truly switch off, worrying about what could go wrong whilst away.

With the introduction of school and the Christmas holidays in the coming months, it’s never been more essential to manage projects effectively during this time of year. An adaptive management reporting software, therefore, is the perfect solution for business owners needing to oversee work whilst away.

Real-Time Risk Management During The Holidays.

Reporting For a New Age

Real estate development is a speculative and entrepreneurial activity. Because of its cyclical nature, real estate is vulnerable to a wide range of risks. Some of these include unknown future demand, the uncertainty of the market value of the property involved, relatively low liquidity, regulatory amendments, and delays in the planning approval process. As a result, risk management is critical, particularly when CEOs and business executives are away from work.

At the core of these challenges is a dependence on manual reporting, which is costly and inefficient. Furthermore, the process is rendered ineffective by the use of spreadsheets, physical meetings, and inconsistent reporting, resulting in executives being reluctant to take time away from work. While no one can predict the future, adaptive management reporting software allows firms to forecast risks in actual time and manage them before they arrive unexpectedly. Real-estate businesses improve their operational reporting by employing this technology, owing to a single-pane view, making it the perfect solution for remote access whilst away.

With a new method of reporting, businesses are able to fully leverage this software and drastically increase reporting accuracy. As a result, businesses are able to spend less time on manual reporting and free up more of their time to enjoy their holiday. Furthermore, adaptive reporting further enables users to generate financial, management, and board reports that are always up to date, empowering users throughout the company to make better, faster decisions.

Forecasting Risk With Ease

Decision-makers cannot wait for the end of their holiday to manage hazards that require immediate action and would have to cut their vacation short, was it not for innovative risk management solutions. The versatile software is able to provide updates in real-time so that when business executives are away, they can relax with ease knowing that any risks will be identified and managed efficiently.

Without an adaptive management reporting solution, businesses are not able to forecast and manage risk effectively, which ultimately hinders their growth as a company. This results in businesses falling behind the competition as other businesses continue to flourish. However, adaptive management reporting software enables CEOs on holiday to identify and manage risk effectively to continue to boost the growth and performance of their company.

If You Define The Problem Correctly, You Almost Have The Solution

Adaptive management reporting solutions provide decision-makers with real-time updates on development portfolios from anywhere, delivering a live snapshot view that enables seamless management. Even whilst away on their holidays, decision-makers can manage projects efficiently by easily being able to identify and manage risk, as well as enhance their current method of reporting.

By utilising this versatile software, business owners are able to improve their overall well-being, take some well-deserved time away from the office, and spend more time enjoying their holiday. In addition, with enhanced visibility across the business portfolio, corporate leaders and CEOs can instantly check in on projects and restore any lost energy. Therefore, an adaptive management reporting solution is essential for decision-makers needing to oversee work whilst away. Source: #reporting #realtime #proptech #realestate #poweredbyfu3e.

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