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Support Your ESG Strategy.

ESG is one of the fastest growing compliance issues in financial services regulation.

Last Autumn’s COP26 summit kept ESG - the acronym denoting commitment to environmental, social and governance - high on executives list of priorities. It is hoped that this focus could put us in a position to stave off the prospect of climate change catastrophe.

ESG strategy.

Whilst acknowledging that The Climate Policy Initiative have estimated that climate policy flows will need to increase by a minimum of 590% to meet international target emission reduction, Henning Stein, Global Head of Thought Leadership at Invesco, wrote recently for Green Biz that with mounting evidence of ESG’s value, it could be …a vehicle for positive lasting change and that it could also represent an unprecedented growth opportunity

Sustainability and social responsibility concerns have changed the way businesses evaluate risk and helping companies improve their ESG more important than ever. Further, recent supply chain issues and COVID challenges have necessitated changes in companies ESG planning and strategy. fu3e. adaptive management reporting software can support such strategy.

Gary Lintott, fu3e. Chief Operating Officer, explains how the software ...provides board leaders with the ESG management tools they need to reach their targets.

When deployed in real-estate development for example, fu3e. can support your ESG strategy as a powerful tool in realising your commitment to addressing environmental, social and governance issues.

By Integrating fu3e. reports with industry-leading software such as GRESB (Global Real Estate Sustainability Benchmark) which benchmarks a funds commitment to ESG against other funds operating within the same sectors.

ESG management tools.

Lintott expounds It empowers teams managing risk, personnel and cost effectively,

improving ESG targets and making every organisation in the capital stack 100% more effective.

Whilst acknowledging that since the focus on ESG has intensified and we have come a long way, Henning Stein admits we have much further still to go but that positive lasting change over time is preferable to no change at all.

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