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fu3e. single source of truth - SSoT

Extend your platform.

With fu3e. SSoT capabilities, you can extend your existing applications and automate routine tasks.  Accelerate data entry and report generation with powerful collaboration, freeing up more of your time to focus on high-value activities.

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Real-time dashboards.

Customisable dashboards to tailor the information and metrics displayed to your specific needs and preferences, so you can focus on the data that is most relevant to you. One click and drill down into the detail.

50+ widget variations which instantly provide data for any activities or information you want to gather, display, or understand!   All in real-time.

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Dynamic process forms.

Designed to be flexible, adaptable, and integrated with other digital systems to automate processes and workflows.


Automatically processed and routed to the appropriate parties, reducing the need for manual data entry and streamlining customer's overall process.

Designed to adapt to specific needs.

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Advanced file storage.

Designed to handle large volumes of digital data while providing advanced features and functionality. 

Simple to import and manage files with multiple tag and drop functions.


Collaboration allows multiple users to access and work with the same files simultaneously, which streamlines workflows and improves productivity.

Sophisticated data storage.

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Workflow and task mangement.

An integrated suite of collaborative workflow capabilities provides real-time visibility into the status of a given workflow, so team members can see how their work impacts the overall process.

Mobile-friendly access enables actioning of workflows and tasks on-the-go.

Interaction workflows.

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Integrations and security.

Working together seamlessly with multiple API integrations, fu3e. streamlined integrations improve data accuracy,  so you save time and drive operational efficiency.

Flow seamlessly between systems.

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Modernise your digital process experience.

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