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it's what we do!

Bring your ideas to
life with solutions.  

You can choose how your business requirements and needs fit into our fu3e. solutions.


There are many solutions to choose from, including;

  • Management reporting

  • Due diligence

  • Financial / commercial controls

  • Risk management

  • ESG reporting

  • Asset managementand

  • Information schedules

  • Custom-fit

Whichever solution or combination you decide as your entry-level, your journey to fusing processes digitally is just beginning.

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It's what we do!
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Built for teams from 1 to 1,000+.

fu3e., the leading-edge technology platform, is a game-changer.


It gave us the immediate transparency we needed to make informed, rapid and accurate decisions.



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Paul Bashir

European CEO, Harrison Street

Top priorities for
Harrison Street.

One platform / single source of truth

Live dashboards

Risk management  / control



Tracking & visibility



Harrison Street Charts




EFF. = Efficiency

Solutions for
your business.

Create succinct real-time
management reports with ease.

Use the data being created by various members of your team within your relevant report section.

Click on any relevant form link to see the progress, filter and include it in your report.

Report types can be endless; here are some of our most used;

  • ​Business plan / Base case underwrite

  • Underwritten budget

  • Gateway - ie. RIBA, APM, GRIP, evidence

  • Project execution plan

  • Regular interval reports ie. weekly, monthly or quarterly for;

    • IC

    • Investor

    • Executive

    • Development manager or lead advisor

    • Professional consultancy services

    • ​Project team​

    • Meeting minutes

    • Splash / flash​

    • Control plan

    • Review

Create reports from real-time information or simple snapshots, reports that dig deep.

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