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Revolutionising Real Estate with Gresham House Ventures.

Gresham House Ventures made a strategic investment in fu3e in June 2022, positioning it as the leading real estate software platform designed to revolutionise how funds, owners, developers, and consultants manage risks, costs, and milestones in real-time.

As the real estate sector continues to adopt software solutions, their investment in fu3e aims to fuel its product development and drive sales and marketing growth. They firmly believe that fu3e has established itself as the market leader, delivering innovative solutions as the industry embraces the potential of software to enhance existing processes.

What sets fu3e apart is its unique background. It all began with a simple yet powerful vision to simplify real-time reporting. Witnessing the utilisation of manual processes, fu3e's founder was inspired to build a solution from the ground up, catering to the needs of high-touch businesses. At its core, fu3e offers a single source of truth for executives, providing real-time insights crucial for successful decision-making.

James Hendry, Associate Director at Gresham House Ventures, says: “fu3e has delivered impressive growth to date and we believe the business is well-positioned to emerge as a market leader, as the real estate sector increasingly embraces software’s potential to improve existing processes. The platform already has a strong customer base, and our investment will support further product development and sales and marketing growth.

We were immediately impressed by the fu3e platform which has clearly benefited from the management team’s background in the industry to address a significant issue they had experienced first-hand. We believe the quality of the management team at fu3e combined with our scaling expertise will make this a highly effective partnership, and we look forward to working closely with the business over the coming years as it continues its positive trajectory.”

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