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The real estate
software platform.

fusing processes digitally
Software Charts and Graphs

Single source of truth, with real-time dashboards, drill down to unpack dynamic source data and connect via API links.

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Your insurance
to mitigate.

Streamline your business processes to create capacity and resilience, increase effectiveness and efficiency, and protect your business from Volatile Market Risks (VMR).
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Benefits to
your business.

Use fu3e. patented software to
deliver incredible efficiency.
  • Automating tasks and processes: help you automate routine tasks, freeing up more of your time to focus on high-value activities
  • Managing VMR: understand your volatile market risks, from the data you need to make informed decisions and process to mitigate them
  • Improving communication and collaboration: stay connected with your team and customers, enabling you to work more effectively and efficiently
  • Providing data insights: gather, analyse and make sense of your data sets and trends, to inform your strategy and management judgments
  • One platform: so you can collaborate and manage from anywhere, know what everyone is working on, and see what was done
One platform.  For real-estate.  Powered by fu3e.

with insight.

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Secure environment, 
encrypted backup, retention and recovery

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View  performance in real-time through dashboards

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Improve visibility across your entire business portfolio

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Reduce operational overheads through efficiency and automation

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Increase revenue from improved customer experience

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Integrate management reporting within your entire eco-system

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Simple platform teams will
 actually use, minimal effort to install

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Create consistency

with transparency, full audit
 and red flag reporting

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Intuitive tracking, tools to make better decisions to drive business performance

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 depository, instant access to the residency of all  your current and historical data

Drive performance
& growth.

Reducing operational overheads through efficiency and automation, and removing duplication of management functions are some of the financial benefits fu3e. offers. 
Regardless of the size of the team, role or objective, fu3e. provides excellent IRR  from the initial monthly OPEX investment in our software.
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Grow your capital, deliver at pace.

Join 1,000's of highly productive users.