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Backup Policy v1.0

October 2023


1.1 Backups are taken by Fu3e Limited.

1.2 Backups enable the recovery of Customer Data, following the unlikely event of an incident. FU3E automated backup process provides data protection across your FU3E environment.

1.3 FU3E utilises Amazon Web Services (AWS) fully managed, policy-based service that simplifies data protection at scale.

1.4 FU3E backup policies help you support your regulatory compliance obligations and meet your business continuity goals.


2.1 The FU3E backup policy simplifies backup management, ensuring that your company data is backed up and protected.

2.2 The AWS Backup service utilised by FU3E is PCI and ISO compliant as well as HIPAA eligible.

2.3 To mitigate against the unlikely event of an outage, automated backups are taken every 30 minutes.

2.4 If there were an outage, automated backups can be restored from a maximum of 30 minutes prior.


2.5 All Customer Data is encrypted by default. Data is backed up onto an encrypted AWS S3 private bucket.


3.1 In the unlikely event of an outage, FU3E can recover customer data through its automated backup & recovery process.

3.2 Recovery procedure.

(a) Customer data will be restored prior to the FU3E web services being brought back online.

(b) Once back online, tests will be completed by FU3E to ensure the systems are functioning as required.

(c) Following this, FU3E will verify the data files are current and accurate as of the last backup.


All database backups are retained for 35 days. The policies surrounding the retention of customer data post contract termination can be found in the FU3E standard terms and conditions.

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