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Share the data collected in and management via fu3e with other systems.

Create reporting and dashboards, integrate with existing client portals and with other key strategic platforms.  Restrict 3rd party task access as required.



Bulk import/upload of documents.

Easily provide the requested set of information typically required at the outset of any project.


Record of invoice processing automatically, consolidate portfolio data, documents, and business processes in one place.

fu3e the real estate software platform.

For consultants.

don't stagnate.

Facilitate seamless connectivity through APIs for streamlined automation of manual tasks.

Powerful interactive capabilities.

Embedded standard templates
with guidance notes.

Reliable, standardised document templates and cutting-edge budget tracking capabilities guarantee exceptional data quality for making informed decisions.

Commercial controls.

Setting the budgets, adjusting and tracking the budget (planned vs actual vs projected) across a single or portfolio of projects.

Stage gate approvals.

Lock workflow segments that only become accessible to the relevant users once all conditions in the prior segments are completed.

Accelerate consultancy processes.

Appointment and warranties

Building control / planning tracking

Building Safety Act 2022 (Golden Thread)

Business forecasting

Cost management

Document storage

Financial forecasting

Legal register

Live collaboration 

Performance monitoring

Project management tools

Report automation

Risk management

Quality assurance

Technical due diligence

fu3e at work.

fu3e helps professional consultants optimise their internal processes, improving efficiency, data analysis, and collaboration while enhancing the overall customer experience.

Gain competitive advantage. 
SingleSource for your business, SingleSource for your team.

Streamline operations, control the process, and modernise your business service experience.


Commercial and project checklists

Document templates

Internal compliance

Project controls

Report across an entire project portfolio

Task creation and management

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