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Customisable dashboards for any business scenario.


Bring all your work together in a series of dashboards, one click and drill down into the detail

Dashboard Screen
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For individuals, groups or entire teams.

Easily ask the next questions of your data by making powerful fu3e.dashboards for individuals, groups or entire teams.


Automated monthly management view.


Select any of the 50+ widget variations which instantly provide data for any activities or information you want to gather, display, or understand! 

View all information in real-time, and review past information from historic snapshots.


Filter data for layered views.


Visual maps display portfolios and performance.


Simple export function to PDF for reporting.

Connect, store, and blend data from hundreds of data sources. Whether it's millions or billions of rows of data, fu3e.dashboards keep you informed in real-time.

Portfolio Screen
fu3e.dashboards are designed to make finding your critical metrics and impacts easy, plus offer personalised insights. 
Groups, workspaces or projectsreport on individual assets, multiple projects or entire portfolios.
Live, pipeline or archive the status of your entire project portfolio, and review historical data or share with operational teams. 

What dashboards work for you?

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