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Support Services Policy & SLA v1.0

October 2023

This SLA sets out the support that Fu3e Limited "fu3e" will provide in connection with its performance under the Contract.

The service levels in this SLA are based on the assumption that there are no more than 2,500 users. If there are greater than 2,500 users then parties will agree the relevant service levels that are to apply.

In consideration of receiving the Service, the Customer agrees to pay the amounts set out in the Contract.


1.1 In the first instance, you are asked to log your support query through the dedicated Account Manager. We will use reasonable efforts to answer queries and resolve problems as quickly as possible.

1.2 If your issue is urgent, or you require further support, please send us an email. The typical response time will be within 1-2 working hours (UK time). The email address is

1.3 FU3E will be responsible for coordinating all incident isolation, testing and repair work. During the incident isolation and trouble shooting process, FU3E will communicate incident resolution progress with the Customer and escalate its problem resolution efforts using reasonable efforts to resolve.


2.1 Uptime

FU3E will provide the API service for a 99.9% up time (“Service Threshold”) for the Services. Service Threshold calculations will exclude Planned Outages. Compliance with the Service Threshold will be measured on a calendar month basis. The up time is monitored with an external service called Uptime.

2.2 Excused Problem

FU3E will not be responsible for any Outage that is attributable to:

(a) An act or omission by a third party.

(b) The Customer’s failure to perform any of its responsibilities set out in the License Agreement or acts, errors, omissions, or breaches of the Agreement.

(c) Infringement of third party intellectual property rights by the Customer.

(d) Wilful misconduct or beaches of law by the Customer or a third party.

(e) Service or resource reductions requested or approved by the Customer; or

(f) Any Force Majeure Event.

2.3 API Response Time

FU3E aims to keep API response times to less than 1 second (not including conversion). In some instances, where complex datasets are being calculated, this response time may be exceeded. This does not include latency of the network.

2.4 Conversion Time
FU3E cannot specify a set conversion time due to the differing size and type of content converted. FU3E can provide stats to demonstrate conversion times and failures as a report on request.


3.1 Planned Maintenance

As of the signing date of this Agreement, FU3E planned maintenance downtime is between 10pm to 2am GMT. Most maintenance updates don’t require any downtime. Any maintenance activities beyond the scheduled maintenance window will be coordinated with API users through advance notice where possible. FU3E will provide advance notice to API users prior to any planned maintenance.

3.2 Unscheduled Maintenance

Unscheduled maintenance will be performed outside Normal Business Hours, provided that Fu3e has used reasonable endeavours to give the Customer at least 6 Normal Business Hours’ notice in advance.

3.3 Emergency Maintenance

Emergency maintenance is defined as maintenance that must be performed immediately, regardless of time of day. Fu3e Limited may not be able to provide advance notice for such emergency maintenance.

3.4 Outage Categorisation

Planned maintenance, unscheduled maintenance and emergency maintenance will not be categorised as Outages to the extent described in Clause 2.1.

3.5 Service Availability Window

Support for Priority Level One, Two, Three, and Four incidents and all other services in scope of the Contract will be performed in the service availability window defined below:


1. Engineering work -  Monday to Friday between 8:00 and 18:00 UK Time,
except for UK national holidays. 2


2. 24/7 365 support will be available to monitor and restore servers.

3.6 Service Levels

The following target Service Levels will be observed for all requests and incidents raised by the Customer.

Service Levels Table.





4.1 Should the Customer be unhappy with the service or resolution of an issue, the customer should use the following contact information.

Support Services Policy and SLA
Support Services Policy and SLA
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