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With benefits including enhanced functionality, rich customisation options, and high compatibility with other applications, that's fu3e.


Trusted by security-focused businesses.

We use proven, industry leading technologies such as Laravel and AWS.

Technologies utilised by fu3e are robust, reliable and future-proof.



availability zones.

Each AWS Region has multiple availability zones. For fu3e we use the AWS eu-west-2(London) region and utilise 2 of the avaiability zones.


Supported browsers


  • Chrome from v80

  • Edge from v80

  • Safari from v13 (Android not supported)

ISO27001 and ISO9001 certified

UK Cyber Essentials scheme

Least privilege policy

Segregated databases

Load balancers

Immutable logs

Leading edge security.

As a security-focused software provider, fu3e follows leading edge security best practices to ensure that its services and data are reliable, secure, and scalable at all times.

DDoS protection

Intrusion detection & ACL rules

Regular 3rd party penetration testing

Cryptography and storage

Secure access management 

Backup, retention and recovery

Vulnerability management and APIs 

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