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For funds.

The AI-Powered Real Estate Software Platform.

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your team interactions.

fu3e allows you to conveniently monitor pipeline, live, and archived developments - all in one place.
Keep track of your planned, outstanding, and overdue tasks with ease, deliver management reports with just one click, and stay on top of all risks in real-time.

Streamline operations, control the process, and modernise your business service experience.

Appraisals and disclosures



Due diligence

Integrated collaboration

Risk mitigation

Warranty approvals

Less clutter.

More clarity.

Automate your management processes and document workflows. Set up triggers, configure tasks, and manage your business processes.

Customised workflows.

Real estate software fund dashboard
fu3e widgets

Measure performance.

Maintain visibility and stay on top of all details by tracking engagement through searchable, real-time insights, and an electronic paper trail. This allows for easy monitoring and ensures that you have access to all relevant information.


Gain complete visibility into all team interactions, how your business is performing to your goals, and monitor performance.

360 degree oversight.

Accelerate funding

Expand your capabilities;

Asset reporting

Building control / permit tracking

Equity sources and uses

ESG measurement tool integration

Financial forecasting

Legal and resolution registers

Pipeline / opportunity tracking

Portfolio overview

Red flag risk management

Report automation​

Automations is designed to turn repeatable routine tasks into automated actions.​ With a few quick keystrokes tasks are completed.

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Powerful features.

Dashboards are customisable for any business scenario. Bring all your work together in real-time, one click and drill down into the detail.

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Integrations automatically collect data within a process to reduce manual efforts and errors, ensuring accurate and up-to-date information is readily available for reporting. 

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The icon of real estate platform processes

Process streamlines the end-to-end contract process, expedite paperwork-heavy tasks, and centralises team interactions to manage supply chain partners.

Workflows set triggers to configure tasks and manage your business processes automatically.  

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Security focused software provider, fu3e follows leading edge security best practices to ensure that its services and data are reliable, secure, and scalable at all times.

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