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Staff spotlight: 60 seconds with Gary Lintott.

Gary Lintott is the Chief Operating Officer of fu3e. An experienced international business executive involved in managing large scale Digital PMO’s for the FCO, BNY Mellon and a charity, as well as a career in the armed forces. His skill set is running operations in highly pressured dynamic work environments. Gary leads fu3e. operational strategy.

1. What’s your background in the technology world?

Government, Infrastructure, Banking, Blockchain, SaaS and a few more... bits in-between.

2. What are the key changes you’ve noticed over the last 5 years?

Cloud-based solutions, everywhere... this has seen companies lease the tech, instead of building it... Which has created genius innovation in the marketplace.

3. Current trends?

AI, No-code & the metaverse

4. Why is fu3e. a game-changer?

It’s pure adaptability, connectivity and its ability to mitigate business risk in real-time...

Picture a business owner or project manager being able to see the beating heart of the organisation or progression of the project as it happens… that’s fu3e.

5. What are its key features?

Business Impacts – A dashboard, on ‘one pane of glass’, which is fully adaptive to the customer anytime, anywhere.

Digital PMO – This provides the customer with a reporting language that truly improves business flow … in real-time.

6. Who is it aimed at?

Business Executives & Project Managers.

7. What are your plans for the platform?

To grow an interactive environment for executives and project managers to monitor, manage and operate in a truly innovative way.

8. Personal habits – Music or long walks?


9. What’s on your reading list right now?

Will by Will Smith & The Judges List by John Grisham

10. Apple or Samsung?


11. Do all techies wear trendy trainers?

Yes, of course …!

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