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How fu3e can elevate your reporting potential.

Key Features that make fu3e. the Ultimate Reporting Solution

fu3e is the real estate software platform designed to provide business insight, to manage risks, costs & milestones with clear visibility of your data through purpose-built dashboards.

Our goal is to streamline the project management process, bringing all your data into one place to make data-driven decisions that ensure successful business outcomes.  

Hierarchy Reporting and Project Grouping

In today's ever-changing and dynamic industry landscape, effective reporting structures and astute project management strategies are essential for success.


fu3e has introduced its latest feature, project grouping – a reporting layer above existing projects, assets, or workspaces. Our intuitive group dashboards provide a consolidated view of the project within each group. Projects can be added or removed from groups as needed, allowing seamless adjustments to your reporting structure as your projects evolve.

These customisable groups are designed to suit your unique business needs, allowing you to effortlessly categorise projects or assets by various criteria, including:

  • Region

  • Fund

  • Sector

  • Client

  • Joint Venture Partner

  • Department or Business Unit

fu3e groups automatically aggregate project-level data through group dashboards, to support progress tracking and performance reporting, conveniently and efficiently. Gain stronger visibility into your real estate projects with Project Groups and benefit from a cleaner view of your entire portfolio. Navigate through custom groups and unlock the full potential of hierarchy reporting for deeper insights.

Project grouping - a reporting layer above existing projects, assets, or workspaces

fu3e Artificial Intelligence and Report Writer

fu3e is purpose built to digitise your processes, drive efficiencies and eliminate manual tasks through automation and continuous improvements.

The launch of fu3eAI brings trusted generative AI into our solution offering, to reduce repetitive tasks by offering suggestions, insights and summaries in a few simple clicks.  

Use fu3eAI to provide insights on how to become ESG compliant, draft a risk mitigation strategy, or write a construction monthly project. The AI can be used to answer questions or write text automatically and create documentation. Simply review and adjust the responses to best suit the objectives of the project, then use the tool to support your daily administrative tasks.

Automate Data Entry with fu3e Integrations

Automating your processes and integrating with your existing software platforms is at the heart of what we do, with the aim of streamlining your operations and eliminating manual tasks.

Integrating with accounting software, such as Xero, allows the automatic synchronisation of financial data, reducing manual data entry and errors. The integration provides real-time visibility of financial detail, to support budgeting and financial planning of your projects, assets and portfolios.

If you have an integration requirement and would like to discuss a solution, please get in touch.   


Unlock hierarchy reporting by grouping projects, assets, or workspaces and benefit from group level dashboards to snapshot key metrics and performance indicators, by aggregating the project data for quick and reliable insights.

fu3e is designed to streamline processes, enhance efficiency, and remove manual work through automation. fu3e.AI offers reliable generative AI to minimise repetitive tasks by generating editable text, suggestions and documentation.  

Integrations link systems together to streamline data sharing and workflows. It enables project managers, fund owners and asset managers to make informed decisions with real-time data insights. Sync financial data, such as purchase orders and invoices to better track programme budget and commercials with real-time transaction visibility and accurate reporting.  


Q: Can group information be restricted?

A: Yes! Dashboard data is contextual to user permissions, ensuring viewers only access data for projects they are assigned to. Group dashboards can be tailored to your reporting needs, providing the control you require.

Q: Can data in group dashboards be filtered?

A: Absolutely! Group dashboards feature filters that refine data by including specific project information.

Q: Can files be uploaded to a group?

AYes! The files module is specific to the group, ensuring easy access to files directly uploaded to the group or group tic

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